The Club of the Wealthy

What is it?

The Club of the Wealthy was founded in 2015 by with the goal of manifesting a philosophy and a vision founded on the idea of opportunities for sudden wealth.

The club offers its members a free premium service of sending them newsletters with opportunities found on different research channels.

The Prodigy’s Club of the Wealthy strives to continuously establish relationships with institutes that follow new money and up-and-coming institutes that offer exclusive opportunities to win money.

What’s our role?

We act as an intermediary between our club members and institutions that offer these opportunities. We search for, locate, and inform our members of opportunities for wealth. We communicate with a close circle of ambitious people who share the same philosophy and values as the Club of the Wealthy.

For seven years, the Club of the Wealthy has been searching for, successfully locating, and sharing the most exclusive opportunities for windfalls with their members.

How does it work?

>> Participation :

Club members receive opportunities from different institutions via email, along with each opportunity’s specifications and characteristics.

Every member is free to participate in or pass on different opportunities. Participation is activated by paying the individual amount for each opportunity as established by the institution.

Every participant is sent to the institution that is in charge of the drawing (TOMBOLA) so they can be entered to be the winner.

Every chance entered into the drawing within 15 days following the day that your participation is confirmed.

>> Gains/price/results :

Every chance is awarded an amount or a prize that is given to the sole winner of each drawing.

15 days after confirming your participation, the managing institute organizes a drawing, to select a winner from a small pool of participants. That way the chances of being the new winner are very high.


The winners are published on the Posting Platform after each drawing. If you're a member, you just have to type in your email address and post the results of your most recent participation.

Want to check the results of your most recent participation and your chances of winning the drawing?

  • Step 01 : Click on Posting Platform.
  • Step 02 : Type in your address into the search bar on the search platform.
  • Step 03 : Participations that have already been made will be posted with your status (winning or try again.)
  • Step 04 : Participations that haven’t been made yet will be posted on the date of the drawing as well as your percentage probability of WINNING.

>> Withdrawal and Refunds:

Every member has the right to withdraw from their participation and request a refund for their payment.

All refunds that meet the following conditions will be fully reimbursed without any dispute:

  • Condition 01 : The participant can request a refund within 14 days of payment.
  • Condition 02 : All participation in the drawing opportunities made and posted on the platform does not benefit from a refund.

If the conditions above are met, all refund requests are sent to the institution that’s in charge of the opportunity that the member is requesting a meeting for.

Institutions will only respond to requests that meet the conditions declared and shared above on the intermediary site, The Prodigy and the Club of the Wealthy.

For all refund requests, please direct your email to the following address : Email Address

Please put “Refund Request” in the subject line.
No other means of reimbursement is accepted by member institutions.